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Albert, our SWP tool

Strategic Workforce Planning has become an essential process and tool for the modern HR function. At Akoya, we have been practicing it for 10 years, that's how well we know it. And because Strategic Workforce Planning is too often endangered by fragmented management and cumbersome methodology, we have created Albert, the only SaaS tool that aims to simplify SWP while making it ever more powerful and actionable.

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Albert is easy to set up and simple to use:

  • SaaS tool without connection to your HRIS
  • All you need is an employee database and a viable Internet connection to get started
  • Adaptable to the specifics of your organization
  • Intuitive interface: no technical training required
  • Clear visualization of data




Albert addresses the entire Strategic Workforce Planning exercise:

  • Workforce segmentation
  • Population forecasts
  • Staffing and skills needs
  • Gap analysis



  • Promote collaboration between the different entities of your company, thanks to multiple user profiles with differentiated rights
  • Involve business managers by giving them the opportunity to inform their needs directly on Albert


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Albert is also easy to use: it adapts to the specifics of your organization and its intuitive interface and clear data visualization naturally eliminates the need for any technical training. 

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