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Our mission

Everyone at Akoya is concerned about making the company more human. Meet our team.

What we are looking for

At Akoya, goodwill is the order of the day, curiosity is a must, and excellence is an established fact. We are looking for employees who are driven by these values, who are convinced of the impact of our projects and who are motivated by the idea of fully committing themselves to a collective journey. Responsibility and proactivity are expected and promoted daily. Taking up challenges motivates us but always with humility and authenticity.

What we offer

Joining Akoya is, first of all, joining a close-knit team, attentive and responsive. It also means evolving in a challenging environment in which intellectual stimulation, high-level interactions, and collective emulation are part of the daily routine. Questioning, innovating and iterating in order to approach our subjects ever more pertinently seems essential to us. Joining us also means being an actor in the firm’s growth by coming to enrich the team with your individuality and ideas. We wish and give everyone the opportunity to develop as a professional and as an individual.

What is it really like ?

Transparency and communication are not enough! There are two simple options for getting unfiltered information from Akoya employees: contact them individually on LinkedIn (they will respond, I promise) or ask them questions directly on nobullshit@akoyaconsulting.com (they will also respond). Our offices are located in the heart of Paris, in the 2nd arrondissement.

Feel like joining us ?

We are constantly looking for new talent and curious souls to join us, check out our offers below