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HR vision & strategy

Often caught up in their day-to-day operations, HR professionals sometimes struggle to "get their heads out of the sand". As the business changes, the HR function must also regain its vision. A detailed analysis of the challenges facing the business, a description of employee expectations, and a study of the areas of HR legitimacy enable the construction of coherent and ambitious roadmaps.

Our company has been following an exponential development curve for a few years now. Thanks to their robust approach and their thorough understanding of our business challenges, Akoya has helped us structure our roadmap and clarify our work methods.

Jean-Baptiste Dacquin, DRH, SMCP

Strategic Business Partner, or even Business Leader… the terms flourish to describe more or less the same idea: the HR function is evolving to move away from transactional tasks and gain in strategic importance. In order to effectively revisit its operating model, it must rely on three fundamental concepts.


Innovation: sorting out the buzz

With the acceleration of technological disruptions, and as a function that is particularly exposed internally, the HR function must constantly reinvent itself, and identify technologies, new practices and underlying trends that can help it gain in efficiency and impact. The HR function must certainly organize itself structurally to respond to these trends (processes, tools) but it must also introduce a renewed vision, postures and skills (data, business acumen, customer orientation, etc.).


Collaboration, a prerequisite for coherence

In an HR function with increasingly specialized or even fragmented roles, the disappearance of the generalist requires HR professionals to collaborate permanently and fluidly between the different areas of expertise if they want to ensure the consistency of the function. It’s becoming essential to co-construct this new “working together” to win everyone’s support.


Action as a new form of communication

The HR function, which sometimes suffers from the lack of marketing of its offer, must now make its actions visible to employees and think in terms of “experience” rather than internal communication. By becoming user-centric, it will optimize its impact on the men and women of the company.

Christelle Villard


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