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Skills Management

Changing business models, digitalization, internationalization, automation... So many evolutions that are changing the skills needed for today's and tomorrow's jobs. Without the right skills, there is no chance of achieving your strategic vision. From identification to sustainability, including the acquisition, evaluation and mastering phases, the challenges related to skills are numerous. It's essential to clearly set out your targets and objectives before taking any action.

The transformation of business lines means changes in the skills required. To build and maintain a competitive advantage, it is necessary to build and maintain the organization’s skill set.


Identification as a starting point

Akoya favors the identification of business lines that require the mastering of certain skills rather than identifying skills in an encyclopedic way. We can then consolidate the skills required by each job to build the internal skills repository.


Assessment to measure the road ahead

The next challenge is to assess the level of mastering of the teams. The preferred approach is to assess skills individually and to consolidate by entities (team, business line, function, etc.) at a later stage. If the data is unavailable or unreliable, we can resort to degraded methods by directly assessing the average levels of proficiency of groups of individuals with their managers.


Skills development through various means

Training is not always the relevant answer to the problems of skills’ mastering. It is crucial to consider skills’ development in a global way: the question of make (training, transfers, …) or buy (recruitment, subcontracting, …) must be asked; having a Strategic Workforce Planning diagnosis will help to resort to adequate solutions.


The perpetuation of knowledge to build assets

The capitalization of knowledge is essential. By setting up processes and knowledge management tools, not only do we facilitate the adaptation to the needs of the business, but we also enable the consolidation of an essential asset of the company.

Xavier Le Page

Senior Manager

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