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Talent Acquisition

The changing expectations of candidates - in search of a real "experience" to live in their professional environment - coupled with the growth of HR Tech, which can help streamline old processes in an original way, are leading HR professionals to transform the traditional recruitment process.

We wanted to digitize and rebuild our recruitment onboarding process to make our new recruits experience exceptional moments. Akoya's animation methods - Problem Solving and Design Thinking - allowed us to define and deploy our target experience.

Darya Gordeyeva, Employee Experience, Louis Vuitton

Redesigning processes such as recruitment or onboarding too often focuses on the tool and not on the experience. They thus only aim at incremental improvements and neglect the “emotions” of the users. Our holistic approach puts users back at the heart of the process.


Data gathering

If feasible, we collect or generate statistical elements – flows, volumes, satisfaction surveys… – allowing us to characterize the problem and avoid focusing on impressions.


Mapping of irritants and inconsistencies

For each type of user (HR, manager, employee…), we identify the moments of truth in the experience under consideration through surveys, interviews or workshops. These irritants are analysed according to a reading grid ranging from vision and governance to tools.


Search for solutions

Through benchmarking and with our knowledge of the HR Tech ecosystem, we organize collaborative workshops inspired by Design Thinking to produce innovative solutions.

« The current context of crisis, professional questioning by employees and accelerated obsolescence of skills, suggests powerful waves of worker movement. For recruiters, this is an opportunity to attract the best talent, but they need to be able to stand out from their competitors. »

Maxime Chevallet


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