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Organizational Development

Should it be to analyze its performance in the frame of Organizational Reviews or to make it evolve during Organizational Design projects, Akoya has built a simple and pragmatic approach to organization based on 3 pillars: organizational vision aligned with business issues, analytical sizing linked to a detailed understanding of activities, decoupling structural and individual issues.

It all starts with putting the organization in its rightful place and remembering that it is merely a tool serving strategy and not an absolute truth set in stone.


An organizational vision above all else to give meaning

It is thus essential to approach the analysis of an organization or its transformation through an in-depth analysis of the business vision that will be the only valid reference to make decisions. Working on the vision makes it possible to clarify the willingness to distribute the decision centers and the actions of a given entity. Between extreme centralization and atomization into networks, the range of relevant organizational visions is wide and allows a real adaptation to the constraints and aspirations of business leaders.


A detailed understanding of activities to judge the calibration of an organization

The organization is there to structurally define the distribution of tasks and therefore of workload between different entities. The dimensioning of the structures put in place must therefore result from a granular segmentation of tasks and then an in-depth analysis of their associated workload thanks to a detailed understanding of operational processes.


A decoupling of people’s reflections in order to maintain objectivity

Reflection on organizational structures is intended to flow from operational priorities and operating methods. It is only in a second step that individual considerations should be included in order to preserve the objectivity of the reflections on structures and processes.

Antoine Aubois

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