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Learning & Development

Learning has long had a bad press, suffering from a reputation for dusty administration and the quest for the so-called "ROI of training". However, employees place a high value on it, and companies must organize themselves to have a workforce capable of absorbing and exploiting disruptive innovations. The answer to these challenges lies in the implementation of a learning organization that profoundly transforms the development culture, the adaptation and optimization of learning organizations and the deployment of L&D solutions that use the latest pedagogical innovations and neuroscientific knowledge.

Making the notion of the learning company a reality

Talking about a learning company is a real strategic choice that goes beyond learning itself. The implementation of such an organization relies on values, practices that embody them and the animation of a community in which each employee is an actor and plays a role traditionally reserved for HR in the form of continuous feedback, peer training and co-development.


Optimizing training organizations

The diversification of the learning mix, the emergence of LXP (Learning Experience Platforms) and the demand for efficiency require a rethinking of training organizations that often walk on one leg. They are sometimes too administrative, sometimes too pedagogical and always have difficulties in providing clear data on the impact.


Multiplying the impact thanks to adaptive learning

Today’s data and technologies offer the opportunity to know exactly how each person learns and to massively personalize the modalities, but also the level of training provided to each person. Adaptive learning makes it possible to deploy advanced learning mechanisms whose effectiveness has been proven by neuroscience, such as “drilling” (repetition to strengthen memory) or nudge.

« Learning has the dual challenge of having to respond operationally to the challenge of skills obsolescence and being an organizational, technological and pedagogical pioneer. »

Xavier Le Page