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« At a time when Asian countries are becoming the most important markets, major Houses need to digitize and rethink their organizations and provide their employees with experiences that are as exceptional as those of their clients - right from the recruitment process. »

Maxime Chevallet


The onboarding process in the luxury sector

How to build a positive onboarding experience?

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Creation of a data-driven HR department

How to set up a data-driven HR department?

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Mobility in the luxury sector

How to engage all stakeholders in internal mobility?

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Defining the operational model of support to existing People solutions of a luxury house

How do we define the business model that supports existing People solutions?

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Supporting a world leader in cosmetics in its performance development

How to move from performance management to performance development?

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Defining the critical skills of a leader in cosmetics

How can critical skills be defined in relation to strategic challenges?

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Acculturation of the HR teams to managerial innovations

How can we acculturate HR teams to new practices and trends and thereby create a culture of HR innovation?

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Building and deploying a job architecture for a leader in cosmetics

How to implement a common language in a new HRIS for key HR processes covering 70 countries?

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Redesigning the organisation of marketing and sales teams in the context of splitting up the activities of luxury brands that were initially combined

What organisational models will enable each brand to develop in line with its own growth strategy?

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