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by Akoya

Every year, Akoya screens more than 600 start-ups from the French HR Tech ecosystem. We deliver our top 3 of the most promising HR 2020 start-ups in Recruitment, Talent Management, Work Life and Training sectors. We also publish our mapping to help you navigate within the HR Tech and connect start-ups and HR decision-makers. Download Akoya’s HR Tech ranking and map (in French).

Decoding : what are the trends for the HR Tech? 

After an exceptional year in 2018, marked by a massive increase in investments worldwide, HR Tech continued to attract investors in 2019. With an increase of nearly 45% (1) of the total amount invested, investors put more than $5 billion on the table to bet on the best HR start-ups worldwide. An unprecedented amount, revealing a promising sector…

As every year, the Akoya map identifies the 60 most promising French HR start-ups, handpicked from more than 600 start-ups. The “Life at Work” category is still very well represented, but other categories, such as “Training” and “Recruitment”, are not to be underestimated, marked by a strong growth in cognitive sciences. The mobilization of skills within companies, which is a hot topic in the “Talent Management” category, is also well covered by French start-ups.

And the nominees are…

This year in the “Recruitment” category, Goshaba is climbing to the top step of the podium, thanks in part to its unique technology that enables companies to recruit and manage their talent faster and more accurately. My Job Glasses finishes second, as the first professional dating platform for young people. Skilder, expert in candidate pre-qualification and large-scale soft skills diagnosis, climbs on the third step of the podium.

In the “Talent Management” category, Boost.rs triumphs with its augmented mapping solutions that enable HR and business leaders to anticipate changes in jobs and skills. For the second consecutive year, Javelo, a performance management tool adapted to new working methods, comes in second place. Whoz enters the ranking for the first time this year by enabling HR directors to benefit from targeted HR data to identify internal skills and anticipate their recruitment and training plans.

In the “Life at work” category, Workelo has climbed on the top of the ladder by reinventing the onboarding and offboarding experience in the workplace. Moodwork comes in second place, helping each employee to become an actor of its quality of life at work. In third place, we find Lik, a “Ted of pro life” which inspires its users with true stories shared by peers.

Finally, Fifty comes on top of the “Training” category, enabling employees to move from theoretical learning to practical field experience. Moovone ends up second thanks to its digital coaching solution that supports companies’ transformations. Monmentor completes the podium with its development of business and behavioral skills for employees offer.


We carry out this annual screening of more than 600 start-ups by applying the following criteria: the start-up must have a B2B offer, be currently in business (with at least one major account customer), have been existing for less than 5 years, not have reached B series yet (not have raised more than €3 million), be part of the French Tech, and have human at the heart of their activity. A ranking was then established according to the three main criteria: the innovation of the solution, the maturity of the offer, and its relevance to the market.

Download the ranking and the mapping of the HR Tech by Akoya (available in French).

(1) Source : HR Wins by LAROCQUE