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by Akoya

You may have seen our Akoya Start You Up 2020 digital pitch contest or even voted for the most promising startup of the year… Well, the results are in. So… who among the 4 startups in the competition have won the heath of the audience?

After almost three weeks of competition where the numerous votes have changed the ranking several times, the big winner of this digital edition is (drum rolls 🥁) … Boostrs!




What can we take away from this 2020 edition?

This year, due to the Covid-19 crisis, the ASYU 2020 contest took place in a digital format. The 4 finalists made a 2-minute video pitch to present their solution to the public, who were invited to vote for the most promising HR start-up of the year.

We had the pleasure to watch the videos of:


  • Workelo in the “Life at work” category, which reinvents the preboarding, onboarding and offboarding experience in companies thanks to a whole range of solutions (digital welcome booklet, chatbot, fun challenges…) aimed at improving the employee experience.


  • Fifty in the “Training” category, which enables employees to carry out concrete actions to put into practice the skills acquired in training thanks to a platform that combines artificial intelligence with Nudge theory.


  • Goshaba in the “Recruitment” category that improves the recruitment process in terms of cost, time and long-term efficiency with a cognitive science-based technology that measures soft skills, know-how, work experience and cultural fit.


  • Boost.rs in the “Talent Management” category, which has developed a data science tool that maps the company’s skills in just six weeks by automatically creating the business repository.




What is Akoya Start You Up?

The Akoya Start You Up competition was born in 2015 from the wish to put the HR departments of large international companies in contact with promising startups specializing in human resources. Indeed, at Akoya we are convinced that in an increasingly connected world, startups and large companies must absolutely collaborate to face change on the one hand, and to grow in a sustainable way on the other hand.

Every year, we drew up a map of the 60 most promising French HR startups in four categories: “Life at Work”, “Training”, “Talent Management” and “Recruitment”. Among these 60 startups, four are selected to pitch their project to the HR departments of major accounts according to three criteria: the innovation of the solution, the maturity of the offer and its relevance to the market.