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Acculturation of the HR teams to managerial innovations

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The question:

How can we acculturate HR teams to new practices and trends and thereby create a culture of HR innovation?

The client’s starting point

  • An HR team caught up in the operational aspects of the business and wanting to take time to learn new methods and discover new trends and practices
  • A requirement to create a programme that is both engaging and effective for HR teams, while operating in hybrid formats
  • The desire to retain this knowledge

Akoya Consulting’s response

  • Creation of a branded programme with an inspiration session, content curation and the participation of inspirational speakers (startups, coaches, psychologists, etc.) on a particular theme each quarter
  • Putting the participants in the situation in each inspiration session through tailor-made exercises
  • Transfer and conservation of this knowledge through a variety of content: customised videos, selection of inspiring articles, etc.

The whole story


Our client, a luxury company, has asked a Akoya to create a tailor-made programme for the acculturation of HR teams to new business trends and practices. This programme went beyond simply inspiring HR teams: it invited its participants to take action.

In order to spread this new culture, we supported our client in creating an effective and engaging programme for the HR teams using its own brand identity.

Its recipe? A new theme tackled each quarter through content curation and an inspiration session. The programme included topics on: Artificial intelligence, the skills gap, diversity & inclusion. The sessions almost always included inspirational speakers, both HR and non-HR. Such sessions are not just about imparting knowledge, but also about putting it into practice by means of exercises that invite participants to take action.

This programme, which started out in France, is now open to all the HR teams of this company worldwide, and continues to live on through customised and enriched content, such as videos in motion design or selections of articles.