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Case of talent management

Assessing talent in the retail industry

The question:

How to make talent assessment a tool for projecting into the future?

The client’s starting point

  • A key retailer on the international lingerie market
  • An overhaul of HR processes already underway with the help of tools developed by Talentsoft
  • A disparate evaluation process between the different branches of the group


Akoya Consulting’s response

  • An inspirational workshop to study the solutions proposed by HR Tech players and an international benchmark of innovative practices
  • The defining of the criteria to be included in the new evaluation process, based on the key competencies associated with the client’s business and the values promoted by the Group
  • The design of a collaborative tool (employees/managers) that creates commitment around evaluation campaigns

The whole story

Our client, a major lingerie distributor on the international market, had already rethought its HR processes, including the integration of several Talentsoft solutions to support the transformation of its HR function.

The talent assessment process, however, required dedicated work, as the suite of integrated tools did not have a turnkey solution on the subject, and the talent assessment processes had become very disparate over time within the different entities and branches of the Group.

Akoya Consulting was therefore asked to design a lightweight and easy-to-use talent assessment tool to complement the Talentsoft solutions already in use.

The firm chose to open its reflection with an inspiration session by presenting a benchmark of remarkable practices within renowned companies, but also by presenting some examples of innovative solutions proposed by HR Tech companies identified by Akoya Start You Up.

New talent evaluation criteria were then proposed based on the competencies identified as crucial by the group and the values defended by the client. These criteria guided the design of a collaborative assessment tool shared between employees and managers, which highlights the identification of potential and encourages the search for performance.

Our client now has an assessment tool common to all branches of the Group, which creates commitment around assessment campaigns and identifies future key talents while identifying concrete and personalised areas of development for all employees.