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Building and deploying a job architecture for a leader in cosmetics

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The question:

How to implement a common language in a new HRIS for key HR processes covering 70 countries?

The client’s starting point

  • Leader in the cosmetics market, with over 100 000 employees in 70 countries
  • Change of HRIS and redesign of HR processes
  • Heterogeneous job-related vocabulary among countries and HR tools

Akoya’s response

  • The co-construction of a single job architecture for the Group and its deployment across all 70 countries
  • Implementation of governance and regular process reviews to ensure that both the architecture and the associated data are adaptable and reliable
  • Progressive alignment of HR processes with the new job architecture

The whole story

In the context of an HRIS replacement, our client, a global leader in the cosmetics industry, wished to align its processes and implement a common language for the entire Group. In response, Akoya Consulting designed a job architecture meeting country, HR and business needs at the same time.

The first part of the project consisted in the co-creation of a unique job segmentation that will be used by the whole Group. In order to define the segmentation, Akoya relied on its benchmarks and work sessions involving functional HR and central and local business contributors. The aim was to formalise an architecture that would be useful for the Group’s HR processes while at the same time being rooted in operational realities.

Akoya then supported the operational deployment across all the countries covered by the Group and worked on the definition of a governance model with the Human Resources Department. During this phase, Akoya proposed the implementation of an annual review process, data quality indicators, as well as a central and local governance organisation for this key repository.

In order to unleash the potential of this new job architecture, Akoya has been actively working with managers in charge of the different processes and tools to define use cases to leverage the data in this new repository and to support key HR processes, such as career paths and succession plans, training, internal and external benchmarks, recruitment, performance, or management control.