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Strategic Workforce Planning

Harmonising Strategic Workforce Planning practices in a major telecommunication Group

The question:  How can practices around Strategic Workforce Planning be harmonized between entities and the corporate? 

The client’s starting point

  • An international leader in telecommunications with nearly 40,000 employees 
  • Heterogeneity in SWP practices within the different entities  
  • A first Strategic Workforce Planning exercise carried out at Group level consolidating the workforce and skills requirements of the entities 
  • A need to provide a SWP tool to ease collaboration between entities 


Akoya Consulting’response

  • Performing an audit of the SWP exercises carried out in each entity concerned 
  • Definition of a common vision of the SWP and the consequences associated with this vision 
  • In-depth analysis of the SWP practices of each entity to identify and build the common and mandatory parts of the exercise  

The whole story


Our client, an international telecommunications player, wanted to carry out a unified SWP exercise at the corporate level, enabling the consolidation of information from the different SWPs carried out by the entities.  

Unfortunately, workforce and skills forecasting exercises are not yet carried out in the same format and do not all necessarily pursue the same objective depending on the entities. Being able to consolidate the different exercises therefore requires sharing a common vision and practices.  

Akoya interviewed each entity separately to understand its vision and practices regarding SWP. A workshop was then facilitated with all the entities in order to align them through common vision of the SWP. 

Following this first step, working sessions with each of the entities helped to identify the common elements and the differences when carrying out the exercise. A final step allowed to build the backbone of an SWP exercise common to our client, leaving each entity free to build certain elements that are specific to them.