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Organizational Development

Rethinking the organization of a major player in French broadcasting

The question:

How to reorganize an organization around a new business model?

The client’s starting point

  • A major player within the French audiovisual industry
  • The introduction of a new ERP system that profoundly changes the way employees work and collaborate
  • A need to rethink the organization in order to adapt it to the new business model


Akoya Consulting ‘s response

  • An analysis of the scope of activities to identify the main changes (increase/decrease in workload, inter-team workload).
  • A series of workshops to align concerned managers on the size of the target organization and the key conditions for success
  • Proposal of a new efficient and sustainable organization in the long term

The whole story

Our client, one of the main players in the French audiovisual industry, decided to launch a vast transformation project in order to maintain its leadership position in an increasingly competitive environment. As part of this project, a new Enterprise Resource Planning system was implemented, requiring to rethink the current organization and adapt it to the new business model.

In order to define the new organization, Akoya Consulting worked with the perimeter directors to help them identify the activities impacted by the implementation of the new ERP. Individual interviews were then conducted to precisely quantify the workload evolution of these activities to ensure optimal sizing for the new organization. Finally, workshops were set up to align the directors on how best to structure the target organization and identify all the key indicators to be taken into account to ensure its success and sustainability over time.


The approach enabled us to define a new target organization that was suitable and sustainable, validated by the main stakeholders thanks to a process of co-construction throughout the project.