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Case of Talent management

Talent development at an automotive supplier

The question:

Why don’t managers always make the development of their teams a priority?

The client’s starting point

  • An international automotive supplier that finds that too many managers underestimate their role in talent development
  • Tools and an approach to talent management developed but relatively unknown to managers
  • Employees who are sometimes passive in relation to their own development

Akoya Consulting’s response

  • Conducting 5 workshops (United States, Mexico, China, Germany, France) to understand the situation of talent management in the company
  • Conducting an exhaustive audit of current managerial behavior and identification of the main obstacles to talent development
  • Formalizing iteratively a group vision on talent management and the definition of behaviors expected from managers
  • Developing a detailed roadmap to achieve the target vision

The whole story


Our client, an international automotive supplier, was having difficulty implementing a talent development policy that would be monitored at the front-line manager level, despite a certain investment by the HR function.

Akoya Consulting conducted workshops in 5 countries and on 3 continents to understand the passive reluctance of managers to adopt this new people development policy, which is inherent to their mission as managers within the company.

Despite a common desire to do the right thing, the workshops revealed several blocking factors including lack of time, lack of communication about the new program, and lack of talent development skills.

The firm therefore proposed a consolidated vision for talent development and identified the major projects to be carried out within the group to achieve this. A detailed roadmap enabled the client to take action on issues such as the redesign of performance evaluation criteria for managers, co-development between peers and the feedback culture.