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Strategic Workforce Planning

Transforming the management and customer relations functions of a major mutual insurance group

The question:

What is the impact of the digitalization and the high relationship value model on the Management and Customer Relations professions?

The client’s starting point

  • A mutual insurance group with over 45 000 employees
  • Future visions of Management and Customer Relationship professions formalised by the different mutual insurance companies but not yet consolidated at the Group level
  • Preliminary work carried out by various industry institutions

Akoya Consulting ‘s response

  • Scenario definition around 2 axes: creating a model with high relational value and automation of certain activities
  • Identification of the principal movements in workforce caused by the above scenarios and definition of 5 key skill areas to be developed or introduced
  • Training of HR staff of the Group and Mutual Insurance Companies on the SWP Albert tool to ensure the sustainability of the approach

The whole story

Our client, a leading French mutual insurance company, wanted to understand the challenges facing the Customer Management and Customer Relations professions and the changes awaiting them in the years to come in order to help their staff cope with future changes.

This discussion was at the origin of the first Strategic Workforce Planning process at the group level for all Customer Management and Relation functions, which represent nearly 6 000 employees.

Firstly, we launched an interview campaign with the HR and Customer Relations Managers of the mutual insurance companies to clarify the staffing and skills requirements for each of the entities.

These interviews enabled us to build two scenarios for the transformation of the Customer Relationship Management business, organized around two strategic axes: the creation of a model with high relational value and the digitalization and automation of activities to focus efforts on customer support.

Through the positioning of the mutual insurance companies in relation to these two transformation scenarios the Group has been able to identify the main staffing needs that vary among the entities. These various needs have made it possible to determine five key areas of skills to be developed or introduced within the entities, highlighting the importance of developing internal mobility within the Group.

Through this exercise the HR teams were able to learn more about Albert, our Strategic Workforce Planning tool, so that the exercise can be carried out on a long-term basis in the future.