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Humanly Sustainable Restructuring

In the current post-Covid-19 crisis context, companies are rethinking their economic and operational models, with strong budgetary constraints. In response to these challenges, restructuring projects are likely to increase. Human Resources teams have a role to play in these operations, alongside the Finance and Legal teams, to limit the human impact as much as possible.

Alongside HR functions, Akoya intervenes on 3 dimensions to ensure that the human aspect is taken into account in every decision taken during a restructuring operation.


Evaluation of the true cost of HR savings

Human costs cannot be seen as just one of many cost lines in a restructuring. Beyond the payroll or redundancy payments, they conceal a myriad of hidden costs resulting from the disorganization caused, loss of knowledge, a degraded employer brand… Evaluating these indirect costs makes it possible to avoid short-term savings that destroy value in the longer term and therefore recommend alternative scenarios to those of Finance.

More human reorganization

In a very short period of time, a new organization at the crossroads of financial and operational constraints must be built while limiting the impact on employees. Starting from the new strategic objectives and their impact on employees’ activities, a new organisational model is built. This work requires paying particular attention to the different talents of the company, especially during the appointment phase, for example to avoid prejudicial departures, and to the hidden costs that could emerge over the long term.

Monitoring and safeguarding employee experience

In the tense and gloomy climate of restructuring, the employee experience is rapidly deteriorating. In order to monitor the employees’ feelings and to be able to take corrective action quickly, it is up to the company to regularly take the pulse of the employees. Various measurement systems are possible, for example a smartphone application or a kiosk available to employees. The data is then aggregated in the form of KHI (Key Human Indicators) to target actions.

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