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Work Statement

Far from being just a "return to normal", the end of the crisis must be seen by companies as an opportunity to define a new work statement. This requires the implementation of a work environment matching employees’ new needs, and in line with a new human vision for the company.

In partnership with HR functions, Akoya intervenes on 3 dimensions to define this new work statement.


Rethinking the human vision of the company

To respond to the exceptional human issues generated by the crisis, many companies are tempted to quickly implement initiatives to ensure a fast business recovery. While acting quickly may sound obvious, companies should see beyond the short-term benefits and anchor each decision based on a long-term strategy.

This strategy must be refined taking into account the new business challenges created by the crisis and translated into a fundamentally human vision that should frame all future decisions impacting employees.


Define a work environment that serves the company and its employees

Work environment must be reconsidered in line with the new human vision of the company and aim to foster more effective collaboration as a whole.

Where to start? What are the critical initiatives for employees, and what impact do they have on productivity? Depending on the context, each company must define and prioritize the initiatives to be implemented to define this new work environment.


Ensuring that Employee Experience is maintained at the right level

Employee Experience must be particularly considered in these troubled times. It is essential to regularly monitor employees’ feelings to ensure that the actions taken are truly beneficial. Companies must identify key human indicators to be monitored, which will enable them to regularly measure overall employee satisfaction with these changes, and to take corrective action when experience deteriorates.

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