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by Akoya

Each year, as part of our annual Akoya Tech You Up event, we publish a map of HR tools, champions in their field of expertise!

Akoya Tech You Up is the key event for HR innovation, highlighting the collaboration between major groups and HR solutions.

Akoya, the consulting firm behind the event, aims to support companies in finding the right balance between their financial performance and human development, by guiding them through workforce transformation and in the latest innovations in HR practices and tools.

As part of its strategy, and to help you keep up with latest HR Tech developments and innovations, Akoya publishes the 2023-2024 Olympic edition of its an annual mapping gathering 50 HR tools best suited to support your HR projects.

The selection of best HR tools for 2023/2024

Download the mapping

Akoya decrypts latest HR Tech trends

Despite the at half-masted economy and uncertain geopolitical climate, HR Tech remains attractive and is holding up better than the rest of the technology industry. The investment records of the pre-covid period are gone and the HRTech is now in a stabilisation and consolidation phase. Between the big players, well-established actors with solid reputations, and their challengers, promising new solutions, Akoya guides you through the HR Tech to help you best meet your tooling needs for the coming years.


The 2023-24 Olympic edition of the mapping focuses on 50 HR solutions you can count on, carefully selected from several hundreds of French and international players. Like at the Olympics, you can navigate through five categories of HR solutions by following five dedicated tracks. The HRIS, LMS and Talent Acquisition players, representing categories that have matured and remained stable over the last few years, have not been featured in the latest review.


➡️ Crucial in the current context of talent shortages, the Talent Development category is now reaching its maturity, with many players well established on the international level and recently expanding their offer across the entire value chain from training to mobility. The innovation lies in the personalisation and refinement of the technologies deployed, with Artificial Intelligence in the spotlight.


➡️ Rapidly growing since the deep post-covid transformation of working practices, most Workplace & Engagement solutions are now mature and are innovating to better reflect cultural specificities without compromising the quality of consolidated monitoring of indicators of well-being and engagement at work.


➡️ HR Analytics includes many players who are already well established in Anglo-Saxon countries and whose strategic importance is beginning to be recognised in France.


➡️ The Skills & Workforce Transformation category brings together relatively new players who are equipping HR in their quest to anticipate future transformations in organisations and work, in particular through a skills-based approach.


➡️ Finally, Challengers and Big players share the Talent Performance podium and face a new challenge: to better capture and quantify performance via ever more diversified HR and business data.


Vous souhaitez consulter la cartographie des 50 solutions de la HR Tech en français ? Téléchargez-là en cliquant ici !