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by Akoya

Having trouble finding your way around HR Tech? That is normal and Akoya can help you navigate your way through it, even if it means taking out the hatchet. Every year, we screen several hundred HR start-ups to find about 60 or so nuggets that innovate and are in line with your needs. A selection that can be found on our Akoya Start You Up 2020 map (available in French). 


More than $5 billion invested in the best HR start-ups in 2019

After an exceptional year 2018, marked by a worldwide massive increase in, the HR Tech continued to attract investors in 2019. With an increase of nearly 45%* in the total amount invested, more than $5 billion was put on the table by investors to bet on the world’s best HR start-ups. An unprecedented amount, revealing a promising industry.


Recruitment, the leading category in French HR Tech

Recruitment remains the top priority for the HR Tech. Examples include the excellent fundraising efforts of Jobvite (€200 million) and Checkr (€160 million). While targeting highly qualified profiles remains a top priority, other topics such as team collaboration tools, virtual reality and conversational technologies are also very much in demand.


A digitalized and omnichannel collaborative experience

The category “Life at Work” is still highly represented on our map, pushed by many tools that were designed to make the employee experience more fluid by digitalizing and making it omnichannel at key moments, such as during onboarding for example.


Cognitive sciences, increasingly used in recruitment and training

The year 2019 was also marked by a strong progression in cognitive sciences, a topic we have been telling you about for several years now. This is the case in the ” Training ” dimension, with the growing use of new approaches such as adaptive learning and nudging. A reality that can be found in the “Recruitment” dimension: it is no longer just a matter of recruiting profiles with the best technical skills, but above all, it is about recruiting personalities whose soft skills will make the difference.


Skills mapping and involvement: two HR practices under development

Finally, the mapping and involvement of skills within the company, is a hot topic in the “Talent Management” category in 2018, it is now well covered by French start-ups. As a result, they are beginning to explore new focus to find their place within a market that seems to still be in a development phase.


* Source : HR Wins by LAROCQUE.