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Case of employee experience

Monitoring and development of well-being in the banking sector

The question:

How to develop employee experience in a context of strong growth and increased pressure on teams?

The client’s starting point

  • An entity of a major player in the banking sector
  • Quality of Life at Work Barometer that has highlighted “Isostrain” profiles
  • Willingness to develop internal dialogue and adherence to the strategy


Akoya Consulting’s response

  • A platform available to employees to give them the opportunity to express themselves on various subjects
  • 4 priority themes identified thanks to the information provided by employees
  • Different solutions to be implemented to deal with the issues encountered

The whole story

Our client, an entity of a major player in the banking sector, was experiencing strong business growth. In addition to a recent reorganization, it was experiencing increasing expectations from its employees to absorb the peak of activity. A Quality of Life at Work Barometer revealed various points of friction and in particular an increase in “Isostrain” profiles. Isostrain is the combination of a “job strain” situation and low social support.

In response to this, a platform for continuous employee surveys was set up. It covered various subjects such as atmosphere, meaning, organization… targeted by nearly 60 indicators including managerial goodwill, salary, quality of feedback, management of personal contingencies, motivation, the feasibility of objectives…

After 2 months of surveying employees, an analysis of the responses identified 4 priority themes:

– Reconciling professional and personal life to preserve one’s well-being

– Learn and evolve to progress in the company

– Keep control of your workload so you don’t get overwhelmed

– Benefit from a work environment in which to thrive

In each of these four areas, employees have been mobilized to provide concrete responses and to plan actions over time. In addition to the best practices to be conveyed to HR, managers, and employees, large-scale projects have also been launched (e.g. objectification of managers on well-being indicators, mapping of possible mobility).


This initiative was a strong signal sent to employees to demonstrate the importance attached to their well-being. It has resulted in significant activity on the survey platform and a strong desire on their part to identify and advance the solutions chosen.