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HR strategy in the Mutual sector

The question:

How to support the group’s strategy with an actionable HR strategy?

The client’s starting point

  • A B2B specialist in the provident and retirement savings business
  • An initial withdrawal from the healthcare business and a refocusing on provident and retirement savings, in particular by the customer joining a group of mutual insurance companies.
  • Risks identified such as regulation and concentration of players in the mutualist world, and fundamental issues such as dematerialization, multi-channel and customer orientation.

Akoya Consulting’s response

  • Synthesis of the business 2020 strategic plan and its transposition into a strategic HR plan around a single HR vision
  • The formalization of an objective in line with this vision (“Strengthening the employee experience”) and the confirmation of the strategic plan through consultation with the various directors of the group
  • The strategic plan is translated into an HR action plan managed at the client’s site by 4 project managers supervised by Akoya Consulting

The whole story

Our client, a major player in the healthcare sector, is beginning its transition to the provident, savings and retirement business. The group recently joined a group of mutual insurance companies to play the role of health expert and thus confirm its strategic focus.

The provident savings sector presents many fundamental challenges, particularly with regard to the dematerialization of services, multi-channel marketing and a customer focus that needs to be reinvented. Numerous external risks must also be taken into account, starting with regulatory changes, synergies between other players in the mutual world and the rigidity of information systems.

A strategic business plan for 2020 therefore articulates our client’s responses to the challenges presented by these new business lines, and it was necessary to add a human dimension to it in order to meet these strong development objectives.

Akoya Consulting then synthesized this strategic plan to transpose it into human issues (management of the men and women in the company, definition of a new corporate culture and associated work methods), encapsulated in a new HR vision validated by all the group’s directors.

From this vision, which focuses on a key objective for the client (strengthening the employee experience), an HR strategic plan in the form of an action plan, steered by 4 internal project managers, is derived. The client now has a suite of identified and framed projects to give itself the human resources for its development ambitions.