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Assisting in the digitalization of HR for a major player in the beauty industry

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The question:

How to prepare and anticipate a transformation of your HR function on the occasion of a new HRIS?

The client’s starting point

  • A highly decentralized, family-owned, international group with approximately 10 000 employees
  • Digitalization of all the group’s support functions, including the HR department.
  • HR team aware of the scope of the transformation, but not used to working in project mode

Akoya Consulting’s response

  • Assistance in drafting the request for proposal (RFP) to be sent to solution editors and integrators
  • Help in the selection of the HRIS that best fits the group’s culture and functional needs
  • Facilitating a Change program for future HR project managers through inspiration and training sessions on digital HR trends and best practices in HR architecture and processes

The whole story


Our client, an international group of the beauty industry, had the ambition to digitalize the HR function in order to move from transactional missions to business partnering missions. However, the group was facing a certain lack of digital literacy among HR teams and it was essential to increase their sense of urgency regarding this digital transition.

To meet this challenge of preparing teams for the digitalization of the HR function, we supported this player on two dimensions.

We assisted the client in prioritizing their functional needs with respect to the HRIS as well as in drafting the RFP to be submitted to the HR solution providers. As soon as the answers were collected, we coordinated the entire selection process (analysis grids, demonstrations, contacts with other clients working with such solutions) in order to help the group make the right decision.

Furthermore, we have set up and led a Change program that included inspirational sessions on the challenges of digitalization in the main HR areas of intervention such as recruitment, training, performance evaluation and compensation.

For this purpose, we shared with our client our extensive experience in supporting HR departments, as well as our knowledge of latest HR innovations acquired through a daily watch and our annual event Akoya Start You Up.

Following this preparation for change, our client was able to select the HRIS that best met its needs. Today, we are supporting the teams in the deployment of the system and in the long-term transformation of the HR function.