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Collaboration, Performance and HR Data

The question:

Does collaboration promote performance?

The client’s starting point

  • A group organized as a cooperative, France’s leading employee benefits provider
  • Sales and marketing teams resulting from the merger of four operating entities
  • A principle of collaboration at the heart of the group’s DNA, and the desire to better understand collaboration in order to put it at the service of performance.

Akoya Consulting’s response

  • Data collection over one year of collaboration, including e-mail exchanges and data related to employees’ professional agendas in the sales and marketing perimeters.
  • A series of descriptive and statistical analyses detailing collaborative behaviour within the group
  • Modeling and visualization of the group’s collaborative network via the open source data visualization tool GEPHI

The whole story


Our client, the French leader in employee benefits, wanted to better understand the collaborative dynamics between the sales forces and marketing teams of its four business units.

Operating as a cooperative, the group has made collaboration a core value in its DNA and wanted to put it at the service of performance.

In order to understand the collaboration patterns within the group, Akoya Consulting collected and analyzed data related to a year’s worth of team collaboration, including data related to email exchanges and employees’ work diaries.

Following a series of descriptive and statistical analyses, Akoya Consulting was able to specify the collaborative behaviour of the sales and marketing teams, and to map the network via GEPHI, an open source data analysis and visualisation tool.

This approach allowed us to statistically demonstrate that the more collaboration there was between a sales and marketing department, the better their performance was enhanced. It also provided the group with valuable insights into the state of collaboration within teams and helped identify levers for improving performance through collaboration.