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Strategic Workforce Planning

Implementation of Strategic Workforce Planning in the retail industry

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The question:

How to get the HR teams on board with Strategic Workfroce Planning and implement it globally?

The client’s starting point

  • Traditional group that has to reinvent itself in the face of rising competition from digital pure players in terms of digitalization, omnicanality and supply chain management
  • A need to anticipate staffing and competency requirements to meet these challenges
  • Group’s determination to create a common language, vision and framework around the SWP across all its entities

Akoya Consulting’s response

  • Raising awareness of HR teams on the subject of SWP and the definition of a vision through two co-construction workshops
  • Realization of an SWP POC in several entities and coaching of HR teams in order to develop their autonomy
  • Implementation of our SWP tool Albert within the entities

The whole story


Our client, a specialized retailer with a presence in France and abroad, was faced with the rise of retail players threatening its traditional business model and entered the digitalization race in 2018. This digitalization required to anticipate its consequences on its activities.

However, the HR teams were not familiar with Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP), an exercise that anticipates staffing and skill requirements on a strategic horizon in light of business challenges.

In order to familiarize them with the SWP process, we first created awareness and trained the HR teams on the subject. We also helped them to co-construct an aligned vision of the process and built a toolkit to enable them to share this vision across the group.

We then carried out SWP POCs in several areas (business lines or entities) in France and abroad to test the methodology and obtain initial results: Stores, Digital, Finance, etc.

The process is now permanently implemented at our client’s thanks to two key factors: progressive autonomy thanks to a gradual support after the first SWP POC and deployment of our SWP tool, Albert.