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Organisational transformation

Supporting organisational transformations in the media sector

The question :

How to reshape an organisation to fit with the current business transformations ?

Our client’s context

  • A major and historic television French company  
  • A global transformation plan implemented to maintain its position as market leader  
  • The implementation of a new ERP, which changes the current ways of working  
  • The need to consider the transformation impacts and rethink the current organisation accordingly 

Akoya Consulting’s response

  • Identification of the activities impacted by the transformations with the directors of the teams concerned 
  • A quantification of these impacted activities in order to objectively assess workload increases/decreases 
  • Alignment workshops with managers to agree on good collaboration practices and skills to be strengthened/acquired in the new organisation 
  • An organisation proposal ideally sized to meet all the challenges related to the transformation  

The whole story


Our client, a major player in the French television market, began several months ago a global transformation plan to maintain its leading position on the French market. 

The implementation of a new ERP impacted many activities within the Group and required to rethink the organisation of some perimeters, considering the possible overload and underload of each team.  

Akoya collaborated with directors within the scope to identify the activities impacted and quantify the workload increases/decreases through precise and objective rationales. At the same time, workshops were organised to ensure that the different teams were aligned with the new collaborative methods to be implemented and the skills to be acquired/strengthened to guarantee the new organisation sustainability. 

This co-construction enabled the directors to be fully involved in their transformation and thus to be more easily committed to the new organisational proposal.