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Case of talent acquisition

The onboarding process in the luxury sector

The question:

How to build a positive onboarding experience?

The client’s starting point:

  • A world-class retailer of consumer cosmetics products, with more than 2,000 stores in some 30 countries.
  • An employee experience perceived as a positive and digitalized “creative adventure” (development of a well-being and productivity app)
  • An onboarding experience to be defined and realigned on the employee experience, and to be harmonized between sites and across all hierarchical lines

Akoya Consulting’s response:

  • The co-construction of the digital onboarding experience with our client, integrating cultural, technical and financial aspects.
  • The formalization of the employee experience on 3 dimensions: activities, time, emotions…
  • Modeling of the identified integration actions
  • Reflection and choice of digital content to feed the onboarding experience
  • Conducting a pilot process and content testing experiment

The whole story


Our client, a cosmetics retailer with over 2,000 stores worldwide, is known for its ultra-positive employee experience, which it has made an asset of its employer brand. This dynamic employee experience, which is currently being digitized, contrasts with an onboarding that has poorly defined contours and leaves most new recruits in the dark from day one.

In order to realign the two experiences, Akoya Consulting proceeded to co-construct the new digital onboarding experience of the head office (harmonized on both sites), integrating cultural, technical and financial elements. This experience involves actions over a defined period of time that starts as soon as the candidate accepts the job offer and ensures a continuous curve of positive emotions.

Digital content has been proposed and packaged by the firm to enrich the newcomer’s experience.

The client now has a harmonized and digitalized onboarding process, which helps to reduce the distance between headquarters and stores by sending branded products, mobilizes the future manager from the very first moment, encourages the creation of a network by the newcomer and creates a feeling of belonging even before the physical integration of the new resources.