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Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

« In an age of tailor-made service and intuitive experience, the major players in the sector are rethinking their value proposition. Digitalization and data analysis, spearhead of new entrants, appear to be real catalysts of this transformation. New business lines, organisational changes and changes in working methods are therefore various subjects on which we support our clients. »

Xavier Le Page


Collaboration, Performance and HR Data

Does collaboration promote performance?

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Monitoring and development of well-being in the banking sector

How to develop employee experience in a context of strong growth and increased pressure on teams?

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Transforming the management and customer relations functions of a major mutual insurance group

What is the impact of the digitalization and the high relationship value model on the Management and Customer Relations professions?

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HR strategy in the Mutual sector

How to support the group’s strategy with an actionable HR strategy?

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The (R)evolutions of insurance jobs

Akoya publishes a study characterizing the changes in skills within the insurance sector in the face of the various transformations at work. While this study maps the strategic skills of historical companies, it does not neglect those of Insurtechs, which are inspiring because they are well anchored in the new major trends. Thus, among the skills identified, Akoya has identified 16 as critical for the future but still underdeveloped among the major players in the sector.