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Energy and Utilities

« The ecological transition is forcing energy and utilities players to reinvent themselves to produce clean and consume less. The scarcity of resources and the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy favors certain activities: energy storage, hybrid solutions, smart grids, circular economy, etc. We support companies in the sector in taking into account the human and organisational issues associated with these changes. »

Predictive analytics and HR data

How to predict the retirement age of your employees using HR Analytics?

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Absenteeism in the technical energy professions

How to understand and respond to absenteeism with a quantitative approach?

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Skills of the future in the energy industry

What are the future strategic competencies in energy distribution?

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Reinventing onboarding in COVID times

How to bring the newcomers together remotely?

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Identification of organization's critical roles

How to identify the critical roles in an organisation?

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