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Our fields of expertise

Our fields of expertise

Akoya is a strategy consulting firm, dedicated to human capital in companies. We assist our clients in the transformation of businesses and organisations, the exploitation of HR data and innovation in HR processes and tools.

Workforce transformation

Strategic workforce planning

In a talent war context, demographic transition and deep corporate transformation, it is no longer conceivable to have a mid-term (3-5 years) strategic plan without a human part. This is the role of Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP). All that remains to be done is to adapt the methodology to the specificities of each perimeter, involve business leaders and enter a continuous improvement process.

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Organizational Development

Should it be to analyze its performance in the frame of Organizational Reviews or to make it evolve during Organizational Design projects, Akoya has built a simple and pragmatic approach to organization based on 3 pillars: organizational vision aligned with business issues, analytical sizing linked to a detailed understanding of activities, decoupling structural and individual issues.

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Competency mapping

Changing business models, digitalization, internationalization, automation... so many evolutions that are changing the skills needed for today's and tomorrow's jobs. Without the right skills, there is no chance of achieving your strategic vision. From identification to sustainability, including the acquisition, evaluation and mastering phases, the challenges related to skills are numerous. It is essential to clearly set out your targets and objectives before taking any action.

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Workforce data

Data structuring

Volume, Velocity, Variety: Big Data and its 3Vs open up a wide range of opportunities. Even though the HR function cannot yet boast of handling terabytes of data, it has much to gain from professionalizing the management of existing data. It will gain credibility with its interlocutors and monitor better its activities.

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People analytics

People Analytics, or the intelligent use of data, is based on a simple equation: the identification of a problem that is compatible with data analysis, combined with a great volume of quality data. Not an end in itself, People Analytics provides the human resources the insight needed to understand and solve some of the organization's major challenges, such as collaboration or the performance of new ways of working.

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Workforce innovation

Talent acquisition

The changing expectations of candidates - in search of a real "experience" to live in their professional environment - coupled with the growth of HR Tech, which can help streamline old processes in an original way, are leading HR professionals to transform the traditional recruitment process.

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Talent management

Until artificial intelligence relieves us of work, it is still the human factor that remains the success factor of organizations. Identify, attract, evaluate, develop, retain: establishing a talent management policy does not tolerate improvisation. On the contrary, it is by anticipating both the needs of the organization and those of the talent that the subtle balance underlying a high-performance structure is achieved. And it is by involving all available forces that we move from a simple process to a new virtuous state of mind.

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Our tools


(Strategic workforce planning)

Strategic Workforce Planning has become an essential process and tool for the modern HR function. At Akoya, we have been practicing it for 10 years, that's how well we know it. And because Strategic Workforce Planning is too often endangered by fragmented management and cumbersome methodology, we have created Albert, the only SaaS tool that aims to simplify SWP while making it ever more powerful and actionable.

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They trust us

Akoya works with the Directors of Human Resources of major French and international groups and collaborates with the operational departments of its clients throughout the assignment.

HR Analytics Webinar

The use of data is still struggling to find its place in HR. And yet some companies have successfully passed the milestone, such as Dataiku.On Thursday, July 2nd at 11 am, we were with Marie Tourdes and Jakub Czarny who testified together with François Courtet for our webinar "Optimize your recruitment processes thanks to HR Analytics".

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