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by Akoya

After a three week-long Akoya Start You Up 2020 contest it is Boostrs that wins the Audience Award! This award comes as the crowning achievement of its work on the automation of business and skills repositories. In this article we invite you to discover the backstory of this French HR Tech nugget, from its creation to its future projects and other surprising anecdotes.

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How did you come up with the original idea behind Boostrs?

In response to the following observation: one is no longer the owner of a profession but of its employability.

One of the major challenges in the professional sphere is the ability of individuals to adapt to technological change by developing new skills. This is an individual responsibility. Moreover, companies also have a social responsibility to support their employees in their professional development.

This is our fundamental purpose: adapting companies and talents to the challenges of tomorrow through sustainable and profitable transformation.

3 key moments in Boostrs’ history?

Ten years ago, we met with my associates in our previous professional life. This human connection allowed us to learn how to work together in the first place and then to create Boostrs a little over 3 years ago.

Two years ago, we welcomed our first employee and as of today, we are 20. We also signed our first client at that time and today we support around 20 organizations.

A year ago, we started focusing on what makes us different: providing strategic and forward-looking data on the Future of Work challenges.


The Akoya Start You Up Audience Award … and after? What are your plans for 2021?

First to celebrate this award as a team! Winning this prestigious distinction is important to us. It is a recognition of our work and the added value we bring to our customers.

Finally, Fifty, Goshaba and Workelo are great start-ups, and the winners of previous editions are leading start-ups on the HR Tech scene, which further accentuates this success.

Looking ahead to 2021, we will continue to strengthen our product features and turn to an international market. Some of our customers have already taken us there, and we now want to broaden our perspectives.


What do you think HR will look like tomorrow?

The HR function will be at the heart of the company’s strategy. The HR Director will be at the forefront of leading the change, not just accompanying it. Visionary, the HR function will have to be one step ahead of market issues and will advise management with a systemic vision of the risks incurred and their multiple impacts: psychosocial, legal, union, reputation, system, individual and skills shortage risks.

HR will have to digitalize its practices and provide the company with a culture and an organization favorable to a digital transformation accessible to all.


A little anecdote you want to share with us?

Although we are a French start-up, the working language at Boostrs is English. Indeed, out of 4 co-founders, there are three of us with different nationalities. Moreover, we have culturally diverse team, which is composed of no less than 6 different nationalities. So we speak English, or at least English mixed with some French, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Arabic or Vietnamese! But don’t worry, we understand each other very well!


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