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Organizational development

Redesigning the organisation of marketing and sales teams in the context of splitting up the activities of luxury brands that were initially combined

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The question:

What organisational models will enable each brand to develop in line with its own growth strategy?

The client’s starting point

  • A business unit of a major player in the luxury industry, employing 1,500 people across design, production and marketing
  • A need to accelerate the growth and uniqueness of the brands by building a new organisation from previously shared resources
  • A desire to guide each future management team towards a shared project

Akoya’s response

  • A diagnostic study with the members of the initial management committee to identify the responsibility areas impacted by the singularisation of the brands
  • Alignment workshops with the directors to agree on the main principles for allocating responsibilities within each new organisation
  • Co-construction with the management committees of the target operating models specifying the precise distribution of activities and the associated immediate and future sizing

The whole story

Our client, a major global luxury goods company, operates a business unit with several brands in the same product category. In order to support their growth, our client wanted to undertake a process of single out these brands to enable each of them to fully express themselves in their market segment.

As part of this process, Akoya Consulting was commissioned by this business unit’s General Management to define a new organisational model specific to each brand for their Marketing & Sales activities, with the other activities remaining pooled.

As part of a collaborative approach, workshops were held with the operational teams to identify key activities for each business model. The allocation of activities was based on a detailed analysis of each brand’s strategy. The organisations and work processes were then adapted according to the specific characteristics of the business and the various players involved.

In order to control the organisational cost, Akoya Consulting worked with the operational departments on the target sizing of the teams built to support the projected growth plan. This made it possible to define a recruitment scenario involving several stages over time, with the possibility of immediate and achievable activation.

The results have been consolidated with senior management to ensure that the operating models are consistent across all the business unit’s activities.

This approach enabled the operational managers to play a crucial role of the transformation. As part of the ongoing support, Akoya Consulting facilitated the implementation of the project by drafting an action and communication plan to support the transformation.