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Redesign the corporate culture in the digital sector

The question :

How to rethink the corporate culture and human vision of a group resulting from a merger?

The client’s starting point 

  • A context of merger between two growing digital companies  
  • A willingness to define a clear human vision and a harmonized culture 
  • The need to rethink HR processes in light of the new culture defined 


Akoya Consulting’s answer

  • An in-depth audit with the teams of the different local entities to analyze the pre-existing culture .  
  • A co-construction of the common values and the new culture with the new management team  
  • An implementation of new practices in the different countries 

The whole story


Our client, a fast-growing digital group, had just extended its scope by vertically integrating another companyAware of the human stakes involved in corporate mergers, the group wanted to take time to define a clear human vision and a common culture, essential prerequisites to guarantee sustainable growth . 

To support them in their approach, Akoya Consulting first conducted an in-depth audit through focus groups, interviews and surveys for each country concerned to better understand the components of the pre-existing culture and the differences between the two companies .  

Considering these cultural differences, a target human vision was defined  in co-construction with the new joint management team, highlighting  common values essential to promote a unified corporate culture.

Once validated, several initiatives that aimed at rethinking HR processes were defined and prioritized in order to move towards this new target human vision.