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Redesign the Talent Management policies of a world leader in healthcare

The question:

How to redesign one’s Talent Management policies?

The client’s starting point

  • The French perimeter of activity of a global leader in the healthcare industry.
  • A complete redefinition of Human Resources policies, including those related to Talent Management
  • Transition towards a greater autonomy of employees and manager

Akoya Consulting ‘s response

  • Creation of a consistent Talent Management vision in line with the group’s business strategy
  • Consolidation of the global vision of group’s HR policies and use of external benchmarks of best practices in Talent Management
  • Translation of the new Talent Management vision into the 4 main pillars of Talent Management

The whole story

Our client, a world leader in the healthcare industry, has been working on redefining its global HR policies, part of which included a plan to redefine its vision of Talent Management.

These new practices had to be adapted to the French Business Unit with its specificities. In order to define a new Talent Management vision, Akoya Consulting first consolidated the group’s vision as well as external benchmarks of best practices in Talent Management. This work was then compared with the vision of the French BU’s management.

Following successive iterations a new Talent Management Operating Model and organizational management were designed to meet the new expectations of the group, its managers and its employees.

In order to facilitate the adoption of this new vision we have introduced new processes instead of the historical Talent Review: the People Review and the Position Review. These processes enable us to make a link between the employees and the organization by linking the development needs of the employees and the key competencies that the organization needs to execute its strategic plan.

In a second step, this new vision of Talent Management and its associated actions was translated across the 4 main pillars of Talent Management:

– talent identification and assessment

– talent planning and projection

– talent development and training

– compensation and rewards

This step allowed us to ensure consistency between various processes related to Talent Mangement within the BU.