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Case of competency mapping

Skills of the future in the energy industry

The question:

What are the future strategic competencies in energy distribution?

The client’s starting point

  • Key player in the world of energy
  • Market uncertainties driving the anticipation and construction of new, more sustainable and more digital business models

Akoya’s response

  • Internal benchmark highlighting, for each business line, the skill gaps between the current level of skills and the level required, for a total of 9 business lines in the distribution network (from marketing to maintenance).
  • An external benchmark to compare our client’s skills with those of other inspiring companies in terms of business models (distribution, mobility, energy)

The whole story

Our client, a major player in the world’s energy production, is today facing growing uncertainty and the questioning of its model at a time when environmental regulations are multiplying in its markets.

It is therefore necessary to anticipate and design a more sustainable model, particularly for its distribution network. The large volume of HR data available and partially exploited, can provide keys to answers and feed the effort to reinvent the model.

Akoya Consulting has carried out internal and external benchmarks on all the skills mastered by the 9 business families operating within the distribution network, and highlighted the gaps between the current level of employees on key skills and the level expected in the future.

The external part of the analysis, carried out on the related professions of distribution, mobility and energy, was based on public data of employee profiles from third-party companies.

Once processed and analysed, this data was used to complete the client’s skills repository to enable it to work on a program to upgrade employees in the new key skills of tomorrow’s distribution network.