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The use of HR data within a large group

The question:

How to structure and improve access to HR data?

The client’s starting point

  • French subsidiary of a major player in the pharmaceutical industry
  • HR data that is poorly exploited and needs to be shared more fluidly to meet the needs of HR stakeholders
  • Implementation of a new Group HRIS that provides the opportunity to rethink the organization and dissemination of data


Akoya Consulting’s response

  • Formalization of the job data catalog summarizing for each HR data the owner, the master system and the access rights.
  • Collecting data needs within and outside the HR function
  • Overhaul of data sharing practices, in particular by exploiting the reports available in the new HRIS
  • Development of a good practice guide on the use of data management

The whole story


Our client, a major player in the health sector, took advantage of the implementation of a new HRIS to thoroughly review its HR data management.

The firm first met with members of the HR function and its stakeholders, particularly the IT teams, in order to identify all HR data and collect the irritants surrounding this data. This audit phase covered various topics such as security, quality, governance and data needs.

Collaborative workshops subsequently revealed several ways to facilitate access to the entire company, sometimes leading to a review of access rights to the various HR information systems. In addition to this, Akoya Consulting has drafted a series of recommendations to raise the HR function’s skills on the subject of data: guide to good data management practices, new data storage architecture, summary of useful reports in the new HRIS, etc.

Thanks to this work, the firm enabled the client company to secure its data and make it easily available to users with duly justified needs. A further step towards the role of Business partner of the HR function, and which can be further developed by perpetuating the analysis of the newly structured data.